I had a change of heart.

HCA East Florida's comprehensive cardiovascular team has earned a national reputation for excellence. When your heart is at stake, few hospitals can offer more advanced technology, more experienced heart care specialists and a greater range of support services to effectively diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. Experience and uncompromising patient care are built into the following services at the cardiac hospitals in HCA East Florida Division.


We offer the area’s most advanced, noninvasive diagnostic tests for accurately assessing your heart condition. These procedures—available to both inpatients and outpatients—include electrocardiography, Holter monitoring, echocardiography and stress tests.

Heart catheterization

Our medical professionals can detect even the smallest heart irregularity using a full range of comprehensive diagnostic tests and interventional procedures performed with leading-edge technology. Diagnostics are often followed immediately by advanced treatments such as angioplasty and stent implantation.

Cardiac electrophysiology

Here, a highly skilled team of physicians specializing in internal medicine, cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology treats heartbeat irregularities—from simple to complex—with the most sophisticated tools available today.

Open-heart surgery

A team of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons brings its extensive range of skills to bear on a wide range of open-heart procedures for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. These include coronary artery bypass surgery, on- and off-pump valve replacement and repair, aortic dissection repair and a growing number of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac nurse practitioners and certified exercise physiologists will guide you through a carefully-designed and monitored regimen of exercise along with dietary and lifestyle education.

Cardiovascular research

Through our active participation in some of the country’s most important clinical trials, we’re able to bring cutting-edge treatments and procedures to our patients:

  • advanced, noninvasive diagnostic tests
  • heart catheterization, angioplasty and stent implantation
  • cardiac electrophysiology
  • open-heart surgery
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • cardiovascular research